Tyrone Naik

Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO)
Meet Tyrone Naik, the founder and CEO of Diverse Trading Shenzhen. With a visionary mindset and entrepreneurial spirit, Tyrone has been the driving force behind our company's success. His leadership and strategic direction have propelled us to become a preferred international sourcing company in China and the Asian Pacific market, catering specifically to South Africa and the wider African continent. Tyrone's unwavering commitment to product quality, business integrity, and exceptional customer service has shaped the core values of our organization. Under his guidance, we have established strong partnerships, delivered cutting-edge technology, and expanded into new markets. With Tyrone at the helm, we continue to push boundaries, exceeding customer expectations and making a positive impact in the sourcing industry.

Tammy Naik

Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
Introducing Tammy Naik, our CFO at Diverse Trading Shenzhen. With extensive financial expertise and keen market insights, Tammy ensures our financial stability and growth. Her transparency and strong partnerships drive our success in delivering exceptional products and services.

Lui Lu

Executive Director
Lui Yu, one of our exceptional Executive Directors who brings a wealth of expertise and visionary leadership to our organization. With a passion for driving positive change and a deep commitment to our mission, Lui is instrumental in guiding our team towards greater success.

Joyce Yan

Executive Director
Introducing Joyce Yan, an accomplished Executive Director who adds tremendous value to our organization through her exceptional skills and unwavering dedication. With a profound commitment to our mission and a track record of transformative leadership, Joyce plays a pivotal role in propelling our team towards extraordinary achievements.


Specialist (Solar Energy& Panels)
Meet Mr. Xu, our specialist in Solar Energy & Panels at Diverse Trading Shenzhen. With extensive knowledge and expertise in the field, Mr. Xu plays a crucial role in providing cutting-edge solutions and guidance in solar energy technologies. His passion for renewable energy and commitment to innovation drive our efforts to bring clean and sustainable energy solutions to the African continent. With Mr. Xu's expertise, we strive to empower organizations and institutions with the latest advancements in solar energy for a brighter and greener future.


Specialist (Battery Technology & Inverters)
Introducing Mr. Du, our Battery Technology & Inverters specialist at Diverse Trading Shenzhen. With extensive expertise in these fields, Mr. Du plays a key role in delivering advanced energy storage solutions. His passion for innovation and commitment to excellence drive us to provide reliable and efficient power solutions. With Mr. Du's expertise, we lead the way in battery technology and inverters, shaping a sustainable and energy-efficient future.